Customized Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine  


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This production line is the production of cable tray, different specifica-tions complete, by changing the die roll Bending mac-hine adopts adj-ustable combination, a set of roll bridge products complete all specifi-cations, rules Can automatically adjust the change.

Equipment performance:
1, according to production needs of rolling strip width of 10O mm or less ∽860 mm or less a variety of specifications of the cab-le tray.
2, online punching production speed: 2.5 ~ 5 meters per minute.
3, the forming equipment for continuous forming speed: 1O ~ 15 m/min.
4, thick plate material: 1-2.5 mm.

Detailed specifications:

Main components of equipment:
A fulI set of equipment consists of decoiler, ML - 90O leveling machine, servo feed unit, JF21-200 - b punching machines, pun-ching die, transmission, host, scale cutting, molding and receiving Electric control parts, etc.Customized Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine


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